Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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10. Takk McKinley 26th Pick 2017

If you put an Atlanta Falcons fan in charge of making their first-round selection it would be close to impossible to miss this badly again. Atlanta passed on T.J. Watt, David Njoku, Tre'Davious White, Budda Baker, Dalvin Cook, and Marcus Maye to draft Takk.

Those are simply picks inside the late 1st and early second that would have been on Atlanta's board. Takk McKinley was not only a bust as a player but didn't make many friends with the fans. How he exited the team and carried himself despite a lack of production didn't endear him to the fanbase.

Takk spent six years in the league and managed 20.0 sacks in that time. Atlanta was more than ready to move on after the first four seasons with the edge rusher. Takk spent his final two seasons with the Browns and Rams managing only 2.5 sacks in that time. He fell out of the league completely last season and it would be surprising to see him make another NFL roster.

In a list of productive players, Takk sets himself apart by being the only clear bust for the Falcons. There isn't any explanation or saving grace in this pick. Let's hope Atlanta's 2024 efforts to draft a pass rusher end a bit better.