Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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8. Kyle Pitts 4th Pick 2021

This is the season that is going to define how this selection is judged going forward. With a full offseason to get healthy and Kirk Cousins starting the excuses are gone. Is Kyle Pitts the monster he was believed to be? A bust? Or something in between?

Adding Kirk Cousins is going to answer that question for Atlanta fans and put to rest the debate over this pick. Pitts had an elite rookie season followed by an ugly 2022 season and an injury-hampered 2023 season.

Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Micah Parsons, and DeVonta Smith all went off the board shortly after Pitts. All five players have had a better impact on their teams. Albeit they were in better situations but also were far more traditional first-round picks.

Anytime you draft a tight-end inside the top five picks you are inviting a lot of scrutiny. The only way that it stops is if Pitts goes out and puts up a huge 2024 season. One that reminds fans of the monster he was at Florida and the star he was in his rookie season for Atlanta.