Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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6. Drake London 8th Pick 2022

Two years into the league and London has 1,771-receiving yards and 6-touchdowns. While these numbers aren't eye-popping to the rest of the league Atlanta fans understand this accomplishment. Putting up these type of numbers with Marcus Mariota, Taylor Heinicke, and Desmond Ridder as your quarterbacks speaks to potential greatness.

This along with playing in Arthur Smith's offense that would often prefer to use London as a blocker. While many receivers would be rightly frustrated by this if London was he didn't let it show. Two years into the league and London has been the ultimate professional.

He seemed to be the guy that was always in a position to make the big play at the right time. He was by far Ridder's most consistent target and continued to show growth in year two. By season's end it wouldn't be at all surprising to see London have a valid argument to top any of these lists.

That speaks to how Kirk Cousins force-feeds his best players as well as London's talent. Give Drake a full season with a capable quarterback and ranking him outside the top five is going to look silly in hindsight.