Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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3. Calvin Ridley 26th Pick 2018

Considering their positioning in the draft there is an argument that Ridley was the best selection made by Atlanta in the last decade. However, that is outweighed by the fact that Calvin was never a part of a winning team during his time with the Falcons. While this was on the coaching, offensive line, and a lack of defensive it still weighs slightly against Ridley here.

What keeps him in the top three, however, is elite production even as Julio Jones began to age. Ridley scored 17-touchdowns in his first two seasons and followed that up with 1,374 yards in the 2020 season. Matt Ryan trusted Ridley and Julio Jones opened up the field even in his final seasons.

What stands out about Ridley's career in Atlanta is just how quietly great he was. If you want to teach young receivers how to improve their route running turn on the tape of prime Calvin Ridley.

He isn't the biggest or fastest player on the field but he often appears to be the smartest. Using his polished routes to find the open space. Ridley continues to be missed in Atlanta.