Ranking Atlanta Falcons last 10 first-round draft picks

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2. AJ. Terrell 16th Pick 2020

The same arguments about impacting winning could be used against A.J. Terrell here. However, what puts Terrell ahead of Ridley is where he has ranked at his position. In the 2022 season, Terrell could have formed an argument that he was the best corner in the game. Without question he was in the top three and played at an elite level with far less around him than the league's other top corners.

Could Calvin Ridley ever argue he was a top three player at the receiver position? Putting Atlanta bias aside the answer is obvious and Terrell ranks a spot higher. There is also the fact that Terrell is still on this roster and even at his worst is still a great starter.

Atlanta is going to have a tough decision to make with A.J. as they weigh whether or not to lock the corner up on a long-term deal. Considering what the Titans just paid for one of the league's best corners, now would be the time to strike.

Give Terrell a deal that allows Atlanta stability at the position and keeps one of the best draft picks of the last decade in place long-term.