Recently-signed Falcons reveal their new jersey numbers

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What an offseason it has been for the Atlanta Falcons, we have seen them make trades, sign players, and re-sign players, and we aren't even to the draft yet.

Some of those new players have now revealed what numbers you are going to see them wear each Sunday. While some players haven't officially announced what digit(s) they will wear, we now know a select few and can assume others.

Four new Falcons reveal what number they will wear on the football field

The Atlanta Falcons revealed on social media what numbers David Onyemata, Kaden Elliss, Scotty Miller, and Mack Hollins will wear. Kaden Elliss is the only player who will be wearing the same number that he did last year.

As you can see Kaden Elliss will wear #55, Mack Hollins will wear #18, Scotty Miller will wear #16, and David Onyemata will wear #90.

Seeing Onyemata's number immediately made me think of second-round bust Marlon Davidson who was out the door last year. And then Mack Hollins immediately takes over the number that Calvin Ridley wore for a handful of years.

Calais Campbell is listed on the Falcons roster as #93 which isn't surprising since that has been his go-to number. Jessie Bates doesn't have a number next to his name and his #30 that he wore in Cincinnati is currently Matt Hankins'. We shall see if Bates decides to strike a deal with Hankins or decides to go a different direction.

Other noteworthy players who are TBD include Jeff Okudah, Bud Dupree, Mike Hughes, Eddie Goldman, and Taylor Heinicke.

Jeff Okudah (#1), Mike Hughes (#2), and Eddie Goldman (#91) all have previous numbers that are available while Bud Dupree (#48) and Taylor Heinicke (#4) might have to switch things up.

All in all, we still have a lot of jerseys that haven't been determined quite yet. The draft will bring in a lot of new numbers, along with any other signings or trades that the Falcons pull off.

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