Jeff Okudah lands with the team that he always wanted to play for

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
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Jeff Okudah was one of the top prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft as he winded up landing with the Detroit Lions at pick number three. However, that was not the team he wanted to play for as he wanted to play for a team that he was never going to fall to, who also coincidentally, drafted the next cornerback on the board.

The Atlanta Falcons took A.J. Terrell with the 16th pick and while everyone thought he was miles behind Okudah, the opposite ended up being true. Now, just three short years later, both corners will be complimenting each other on a new-look defense.

Jeff Okudah always wished he could play for the Atlanta Falcons

Not often do you see a player who is excited to be traded from a team that the public views as an ascending team to a team that the public is slamming left and right—but that is the case for Jeff Okudah, the newest Atlanta Falcons defender.

Okudah, since even before the 2020 draft, had always been eyeing to play for the team that calls Atlanta home.

This is interesting because there was never a chance that he would fall to the Falcons who held the 16th-overall pick. While there were rumors about the Falcons trading up for Okudah, it never really seemed like a plausible scenario, so for Okudah to have made it known he wanted to play for a team that had the slimmest of chances to draft him tells you just how much he wanted to play for them.

And to further back the point up, he became active on Twitter for the first time since he retweeted a highlight posted by the Lions back in early December.

This isn't pointless news either. Consider that—barring the Falcons picking up his fifth-year option—he will only be under contract for one year, and if he plays well enough to earn another contract with Atlanta, he might be willing to take less money to stay, much like how Cordarrelle Patterson did last offseason.

This is an intriguing trade for Terry Fontenot and the Atlanta Falcons, it will be interesting to see if a change in scenery can bring out the talents that made him the third-overall pick in 2020.

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