Remaining opposing QBs have a 1-7 record against the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have seven games left against six different quarterbacks and those quarterbacks have a lifetime record of 1-7 against the Falcons
Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons
Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

If you are looking for a reason for hope then here is something interesting: the Atlanta Falcons will play six different quarterbacks over the remainder of the regular season and those six QBs are a combined 1-7 against the Falcons.

This is a welcomed sight since it seems like everywhere you look teams and players have some incredible record against the Falcons. This also makes it even more inexcusable if this team isn't able to break their postseason drought this year.

Atlanta Falcons have dominated their competition's quarterbacks

Following the bye week, the Atlanta Falcons will play the New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and then the New Orleans Saints again.

If all six of those teams don't have an injury or don't make a switch at the quarterback position then the Falcons will play Derek Carr (x2), Zach Wilson, Baker Mayfield, Bryce Young, Gardner Minshew, and Justin Fields.

Each one of those quarterbacks has played the Falcons in their career and only one of them has managed to beat them. Here are the small-sample-size records for each of those QBs:

  • Derek Carr: 0-2
  • Zach Wilson: 0-1
  • Baker Mayfield: 1-1
  • Bryce Young: 0-1
  • Gardner Minshew: 0-1
  • Justin Fields: 0-1

Four of those eight games were against the quarterback when they started for a different team. Derek Carr with the Raiders (x2), Baker Mayfield with the Browns (the lone win), and Gardner Minshew with the Jaguars.

Combined, the stats of these quarterbacks against the Atlanta Falcons are not that bad. They are 166/263 (63%) for 1,677 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions.

The defense for the Falcons has clearly improved so those quarterbacks should have a tougher time trying to get a win.

I think we would all be fine if we were sitting here in the second week of January talking about how those quarterbacks are a combined 1-14 against the Falcons.

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