Falcons defense cannot always keep this team afloat

The Atlanta Falcons were led by their defense for the first seven weeks but they have taken a step backwards these past two weeks and it has resulted in a broken team

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons defense was balling for the first seven weeks. They did not allow any team to score more than 24 points.

Over the past two weeks, the defense has been gashed for 28 and 31 points, and with the massive struggles of the offense and the punt return team, it has turned into a team that looks like one of the worst in the NFL. It is simply not fair to expect this injured defense to keep the entire team afloat each and every week.

The Atlanta Falcons are crumbling because their defense hasn't been perfect

Think about how many times the Atlanta Falcons had put their defense in terrible positions thanks to turnovers and short possessions. It seemed like each week consisted of the defense keeping the Falcons above water until the offense could break through on one drive.

This is a defense that has given the Falcons offense a ton of chances. They have also limited opponents when the offense has turned the ball over. They have really been put in impossible positions all season long.

In weeks eight and nine, the defense hasn't been the same and it has turned into the team looking twice as bad. Even with them not playing all that well, they have still given the offense plenty of opportunities.

They were able to record two points on a safety and they gave the offense the football on the one-yard line and the best the offense could do was three points.

And to think this underperforming offense is led by an offensive head coach, a healthy offensive line that is essentially the same from last year, and three top-ten picks at skill positions (when Drake London is on the field).

Meanwhile, the defense has numerous players who were either late-round picks or undrafted, and two key players injured—Troy Andersen and Grady Jarrett.

And then there is the punt return team that has gone from the best in the league in 2022 to the worst in the league. But that feels like the least of the many problems.

It is sickening to watch this incapable offense that is led by a guy who solely came to the Falcons for his promise of leading elite offenses. There is nothing else to say.

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