Seahawks legend "hearing" the Atlanta Falcons will land Russell Wilson

During an appearance on the 'Up and Adams' podcast, Seattle Seahawks legend Shaun Alexander stated that he is "hearing" that Russell Wilson could end up with the Atlanta Falcons

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After seeing the Denver Broncos bench quarterback Russell Wilson late in the 2023 season, it has become obvious that Russell will be looking for a new team shortly...

This means that there will be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback on the open market come early March. The big question is where will Wilson land? According to Seahawks Ring of Honor member Shaun Alexander, Russell may very well end up with the Atlanta Falcons.

Shaun Alexander links Russell Wilson to the Atlanta Falcons

Coming off of an extremely disappointing season, the Atlanta Falcons will be looking to do what they should have done last offseason: find a franchise quarterback. This could be done through the draft, or it could come earlier—during free agency.

The top free agent choice could be Russell Wilson. Wilson has been atop the NFL mountain, he still has gas left in the tank, and he would help maximize the talent around him in Atlanta.

Recently, Shaun Alexander appeared on Kay Adams' "Up and Adams" podcast and was asked where he thinks Russ will land.

The fact that Alexander specifically said that he is "hearing" that his former team's quarterback could sign with the Atlanta Falcons is a huge deal. This isn't some 'connect the dots' situation; this is a former NFL player—with NFL ties—saying that he has heard that the Falcons and Russ will link up.

The price point for Russ is uncertain. On one hand, you can see him getting a lot of money because of what he has done in the past, but on the other hand, he hasn't played like a top-five quarterback for a few years and he could be valuing another ring over money.


This wouldn't be the worst idea for the Falcons. Think of what new offensive coordinator Zac Robinson was able to do with an acquired veteran quarterback in Matt Stafford during recent years. He could follow a similar approach by bringing in Russ.

In my opinion, if the Falcons were to sign Russell Wilson, it shouldn't stop them from taking a quarterback in the top ten during April's draft. It would be the best of both worlds; Russ could bring immediate success while he also helps groom a young, talented quarterback for the future.

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