Steve Smith Sr. has crossed the line in berating Falcons QB Desmond Ridder

Former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. has targeted Atlanta Falcons QB Desmond Ridder for no reason and it has crossed the line of being downright disrespectful
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Steve Smith Sr. was a fiery receiver during his time with the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens. That fiery attitude crossed over with him to the media side of the NFL. While it is totally fine to be a passionate person, there is a line that you do not cross and he clearly does not understand that.

The Atlanta Falcons have made it clear that Desmond Ridder is their quarterback and Steve Smith has made it known that he thinks Ridder is nothing—it has become completely unacceptably disrespectful.

Steve Smith Sr. is spending his time berating Falcons QB Desmond Ridder and it is completely disrespectful

Sometimes you seriously wonder what someone's problem is and that is what I am wondering about Steve Smith as he continues his tirade of Atlanta Falcons young quarterback, Desmond Ridder.

Smith made a statement that came out of nowhere when talking with Green Bay Packers rookie Jayden Reed about how things would be worse if he got drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, who apparently have no quarterback.

And then the Falcons' Twitter posted a video of Jaylinn Hawkins intercepting a pass in training camp. They showed an angle that didn't show the quarterback and Steve Smith took time out of his day to tell everyone that Desmond Ridder threw the pass.

Say what you want but Steve Smith has crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed by anyone, let alone a 44-year-old wide receiver who has been retired for years.

Steve Smith trash-talking the Atlanta Falcons is one thing but targeting one player makes things personal

Listen, I love passion and rivalries. It is a lot of fun to trash-talk another team but what Steve Smith is doing is targeting a specific player for no reason and has made things personal with a player that has never done a thing to him. Hopefully, this will motivate Desmond Ridder and the Atlanta Falcons even more.

Let's point something out; Falcons fans hate the Saints and Saints fans hate the Falcons. There have been players through the years that have played into the rivalry and one of those players that sticks out is Cam Jordan. Jordan has always trash-talked the Falcons, which is acceptable—as much as it is hard to listen to sometimes.

However, Jordan doesn't make things personal. In fact, he has given credit to players like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in the past by saying how frustrating it was to play them. See, that is how things should be, especially with those who have played. It is okay to hate a team but trashing another player—especially when they have done nothing to you—is something you do not do.

How immature do you have to be to repeatedly diss a player who you have zero history with?

We know that this stems from his disdain for the Falcons from when he was with the Panthers. Again, go ahead and trash-talk our team! Whatever, who cares? But when you are chronically trashing one specific player, that is when you have crossed the line—especially when you are a media personality.

It just baffles me that a grown man, who had a great NFL career, feels so compelled to destroy one specific player who is just trying to get better.

I could seriously keep ranting but I think you get the idea. This was uncalled for. Especially when he hails from a team that has a quarterback who has started zero games in his career. Heck, he was saying Jordan Love was much better despite Ridder having more starts in his young career.

It is ironic that all of this is happening around the same time that Calais Campbell explained how Mac Jones is the lone player who crossed the line of being disrespectful. I think the better person here is the former Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner who could beat the living snot out of Steve Smith and his five-foot-nine, 195-pound frame.