Telling report about Bijan Robinson in first Falcons practice

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
2023 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons made Bijan Robinson the highest-drafted running back since Saquon Barkley from back in the 2018 draft.

However, labeling Bijan as a 'running back' does him a disservice, he is much more than that and that is already become evident after one day of practice with the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons used Bijan Robinson at both RB & WR in first practice

Rookie minicamp kicked off on Friday for the Atlanta Falcons and will extend until Sunday. This gives the coaches the opportunity to get the new guys up to speed. One of those new guys is someone by the name of Bijan Robinson.

People have criticized the Falcons for taking a player who is labeled as a running back in the top ten, but Arthur Smith has made it clear that he is more than just your normal running back. He is a dynamic player who can also play wide receiver.

It didn't take that long for them to prove that as he spent time at both positions in his first practice in the NFL. Here is what he told Harry Lyles Jr. of ESPN after his first day on the field:

"[Arthur Smith] uses me everywhere, from receiver to running back. He lets me do my abilities and skill set the right way, whether it's catching the ball, running routes, obviously running the football, blocking, and doing it all."

Bijan Robinson

And there goes all the arguing points for those who hated Falcons' pick in the first round. He is so much more than a guy who just lines up in the backfield to take handoffs and that is already evident after his first practice.

The Falcons drafted BIjan less than a month ago and Arthur Smith already has him playing wide receiver—that is telling. It will be fun to see the play calls Smith can draw up over the next few months.

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