The Atlanta Falcons Five Best Wide Receivers of the Past 20 Seasons

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As we continue to look through the past twenty-year history of the Atlanta Falcons, we’ve come to a wide receiver group that features two clear options at the top. The next three choices were much harder to rank based on their production, the teams they played on, and their long-term impact.

You can find rankings for the five best running backs and three best tight ends from earlier this week, and we’ll finish our offensive rankings by looking at offensive linemen after this.

Honorable Mentions: Brian Finneran, Mohamed Sanu, and Russell Gage all made a variety of contributions during their times with the Atlanta Falcons, but none of the three had the impact that warranted them a spot in the top five rankings.

Finneran was a possession receiver who struggled with injuries throughout his time in Atlanta and only had one season where he produced more than 600 receiving yards during his last eight seasons with the Falcons.

Sanu lasted four years in Atlanta but never recorded a 1,000-yard season or more than five receiving touchdowns in a single year. He was a consistent receiving option until injuries ruined his last season, but his impact wasn’t big enough to warrant a top-five spot.

Gage looked like an afterthought during his first year with the Atlanta Falcons but recorded two straight 700+ receiving yard seasons in 2020 and 2021 while adding 9 touchdowns during his four seasons with the team. He eventually left to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency and will hope to bounce back from a disappointing season last year.