The Atlanta Falcons must draft 1 of these 3 UGA Bulldogs in 1st round

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The three Georgia Bulldogs that the Atlanta Falcons should have their eye on in the first round

The 2023 NFL Draft is almost upon us and we seem to be nowhere closer to predicting who the Atlanta Falcons will select in the first round compared to two months ago. There is so much uncertainty around their eighth-overall pick.

They could go defense, or they could go offense, no one really knows for sure minus the few people within the building. Even they don't know for sure due to the million different ways the first seven picks could go.

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One thing that we know, almost for sure, is that they will have the opportunity to select one of the three good prospects coming out of the University of Georgia.

Many might think that I am just saying they should draft one of these UGA players because I am one of the many UGA/Falcons fans, but I am not, I am a Clemson fan. I would love to see them draft Myles Murphy, no doubt, but they should be taking a hard look at each of the Bulldogs' first-round prospects. Here are those three players and why they should write them down on their draft card.