The Atlanta Falcons have the NFL's most-motivated quarterback

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Desmond Ridder admitted that he has heard the things being said about him in the media. Those things being said about the Atlanta Falcons' starting quarterback this offseason have not exactly been kind.

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We have heard everything from disrespect to ignorance to doubt. While it is never good to hear bad things being said about your player and the team, it has, without a doubt, created a fire inside Desmond Ridder.

The media has lit a fire inside Atlanta Falcons QB Desmond Ridder

The best professional athletes on the planet are able to take negative outside talk and use it as their own fuel. The Atlanta Falcons think they have a player who can do that exact thing in quarterback Desmond Ridder.

That will be tested from game one because Ridder has been thrown to the curb by the media despite being a young and talented player who has only been able to show his talents four times.

The media has created a disaster for the rest of the league. This is a quarterback who was not highly recruited out of high school. Cincinnati was essentially the only smart team in the nation, and what did they get from him? Only their first playoff appearance and a record of 44-6 with Ridder as the starting quarterback.

He had a chip on his shoulder coming out of high school and now he has an even bigger one going into his first season as the Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback.

Some might say that someone like Aaron Rodgers has a bigger fire in him, but that isn't true. While the Packers might have cast him off but he is on a team that the media is already calling a Super Bowl contender, meanwhile those same people have thrown Ridder's name in the garbage.

In summary, Ridder has been hearing everything said about him. He knows that people doubt him but he also knows how to use that doubt to motivate him even more which gives the Atlanta Falcons the NFL's most-motivated quarterback.

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