The Atlanta Falcons have officially changed their team name... kind of

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons have been the Atlanta Falcons ever since 1965—the year they were officially founded. They played their first season in 1966 and now here we are in 2023 preparing for them to take the field for their 58th season.

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The Falcons' name has never wavered. It has stayed true to the city of Atlanta for all 57 years, until now... At least kind of, with a giant asterisk.

The Atlanta Falcons are now known as the Red Stallions on Twitter

Go check it out, the Atlanta Falcons are now the 'Red Stallions' on Twitter as they have changed their name on their Twitter account.

No, I promise I did not photoshop that, that is a direct screenshot from the Falcons Twitter page. They haven't quite secured their new 'Red Stallions' handle yet but I am hearing that it is in the works.

It is a good look for a team that already had a good look. Okay, I am out of things to say, time for a news flash: they haven't changed their name. I know right, shocking...

Most people already know where this Red Stallion thing came from but for those who don't, it comes from the Tennessee Titans' schedule release video. The Titans asked "random" people to name each of their 2023 opponents. Watch the video. Although it is likely fake, it is pretty funny.

If this is real, I don't know what I am more concerned about with her guessing "Red Stallions"; her thinking the Atlanta Falcons are the Red Stallions, her thinking a stallion is a bird, or her thinking that a stallion/bird makes a "rawr" noise... Well hey, at least we know she isn't colorblind, more than I can say.

Anyways, the Titans probably win this year's award for the best release video while the Atlanta Falcons win the award for the best social media team (they own the award) for playing along with it.

Nothing in the title was a lie, the Atlanta Falcons' official account did kind of change their name, for now.

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