The Atlanta Falcons play a lot of bad run defenses in 2023

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons' biggest surprise last season was their run game. They absolutely dominated on the ground as it became the entirety of their offense.

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The run game should only get better in 2023 as they brought back every key piece and brought in a generational player in Bijan Robinson. Then when you throw in the fact that they will play a lot of bad run defenses, it becomes easy to envision them being even better.

The Atlanta Falcons will face a lot of bad run defenses in 2023

The Atlanta Falcons were able to run through any defense last season. Defenses were able to key in on the run game of the Falcons because they were not scared of the passing game. In 2023, the passing game should be a bigger threat, and when you combine that with the fact that a majority of the Falcons' opponents have bad run defenses, is there really a limit to what they can do?

Let's look at how each of their opponents ranked in run defense (rushing yards allowed per game) last season:

  • Titans: 1st (76.9 yds)
  • Commanders: 11th (113.3)
  • Jaguars: 12th (114.8)
  • Cardinals: 14th (118.6)
  • Buccaneers: 15th (120.7)
  • Jets: 16th (121.6)
  • Panthers: 18th (122.6)
  • Vikings: 20th (123.1)
  • Colts: 21st (124.1)
  • Saints: 24th (130.5)
  • Packers: 26th (139.5)
  • Lions: 29th (146.5)
  • Bears: 31st (157.3)
  • Texans: 32nd (170.2)

Obviously, the disclaimer here is that these teams will not stand with the same rankings in 2023 but this is the best look we have at what these teams could look like on the field. The Titans will likely regress while the Texans will have a difficult time not improving their horrendous run defense.

They will play last year's number-one run defense but that is the only team that ranked in the top ten. The Commanders, Jaguars, Cardinals, Bucs, and Jets were all decent and the rest of the field were not. It is a good look for the Falcons in 2023. It will be fun to see what this rushing offense could look like this season now that they have ever more talent.

And if you are wondering, the Falcons' defense was ranked 23rd, allowing an average of 130.2 rushing yards per game.

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