The Atlanta Falcons stole a free agent from Aaron Rodgers and the Jets

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Want proof that the Atlanta Falcons are heading in the right direction? Aaron Rodgers, who is primed to join a talented New York Jets team, wanted a specific veteran free agent to join his future team, and that veteran denied his request to instead sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

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This is big news for a team that has been seen as an unattractive destination for a few years now as they try to end their five-year playoff drought.

Aaron Rodgers wanted Calais Campbell on the Jets, yet Campbell still chose the Atlanta Falcons

We knew that Calais Campbell had offers from other teams and had visits he canceled when he decided to sign with the Atlanta Falcons, but what we didn't know is how much Aaron Rodgers—who will eventually be traded to the New York Jets—wanted Campbell as he told him that they would win a championship together in New York.

Calais Campbell told CBS Sports' Josina Anderson that he received a text from Aaron Rodgers asking him to sign with the Jets so that they could win it all in 2023.

"It was kind of crazy because Aaron Rodgers texted me and he's like 'come on man, let's go win a championship together.' It was appealing having Aaron Rodgers text you talking about winning a Super Bowl together, but when it came down to it, I just had this gut feeling that Atlanta was a special place and the value I could bring would be most effective there."

Calais Campbell via Josina Anderson

It is a telling quote because who would have ever expected a free agent to choose the Atlanta Falcons who are led by a quarterback that has started just four games over a team that is about to land one of the best quarterbacks of all time?

It just further backs up the belief that the Falcons are heading in the right direction and are close to breaking their playoff drought.

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