The Atlanta Falcons Three Best Tight Ends of the Past 20 Seasons

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As we continue to look through the past twenty-year history of the Atlanta Falcons, we’ve come to a top-heavy tight-end group that features some truly impactful players but left only one true option for the honorable mention section.

We took a deep dive on the five best Atlanta Falcons running backs earlier this week, and our next piece will focus on the wide receivers before jumping into the offensive lineman.

Honorable Mention: Kyle Pitts was seen as an up-and-coming superstar after his first year in the NFL. He was named to the Pro Bowl, made the All-Rookie Team, recorded over 1,000 receiving yards, and was seen as a foundational piece of the Atlanta Falcons offense.

Unfortunately for both Pitts and the Falcons, year two proved to be a much bigger challenge. Across ten games, the tight end recorded 28 receptions and clearly lacked a connection with Marcus Mariota. His season eventually ended with a torn MCL, and now the Falcons will have to hope Pitts is healthy going into year three and can make the major impact they’ll need as they push for the playoffs.

1. No. 3: Austin Hooper

Austin Hooper
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Although Pitts’ rookie season was better than any season Austin Hooper produced during his time in Atlanta, Hooper has the benefit of playing four years for the Falcons and contributing to two winning seasons.

Across his four seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, the tight end produced over 2,000 receiving yards, and 16 touchdowns, and started 28 games. He was also named to two Pro Bowls and was a member of the Falcons team that went to the Super Bowl.