'The day of' Falcons 7-round mock draft: ATL throws a changeup to begin

The final mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons before tonight's long-awaited draft.
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Final Falcons mock draft: Round 2

Penix. . . Michael Penix Jr.. 2. 521. QB. Round 2, Pick 43. Michael Penix Jr.. player

If Michael Penix Jr. somehow falls to the 43rd pick as he did in this mock draft simulator, then the Atlanta Falcons should be running the card up as fast as possible.

I will continue to say that there is no better place for Penix to be than Atlanta. We all know that he has had injury issues in the past and going to Atlanta would allow him to take a backseat and see how Kirk Cousins—who had been one of the healthiest QBs in the NFL before his injury—goes about keeping himself healthy.

It would also allow Penix to develop his middle-of-the-field throwing, something he rarely showed at Washington.

His arm is elite and that is something you can't teach; what you can teach are the on-field concerns you have about him.