This QB-HC pairing would fix the Atlanta Falcons immediately

There is a quarterback and head coach who would pair perfectly and the Atlanta Falcons need to make the pairing happen

ReliaQuest Bowl - Wisconsin v LSU
ReliaQuest Bowl - Wisconsin v LSU / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Will the Atlanta Falcons fire Arthur Smith, and, if they do, who will replace him? Who will the Falcons decide to bring in at the quarterback position? Those are the two questions that will be prevalent going into the offseason.

Assuming Smith does get fired, there is a particular head coach-quarterback marriage that needs to happen in Atlanta. It would unlock an unstoppable offense that would look similar to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Atlanta Falcons need to hire Todd Monken and draft Jayden Daniels

After playing a pivotal part in Georgia's back-to-back National Championships, Todd Monken took a job to be the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. To say it was a great hire by the Ravens would be an understatement.

Monken has been a key piece in the Ravens' ascent to being Super Bowl favorites and the number-one seed in the AFC playoffs.

Meanwhile, LSU's offense was kickstarted in 2023 thanks to quarterback Jayden Daniels. Daniels lit up every opponent he went up against. Nothing explains his skillset better than the fact that he has had games where he threw for over 400 yards, threw six touchdowns, or rushed for over 200 yards.

Daniels can score points through the air or on the ground which is reminiscent of a certain quarterback playing under Todd Monken right now.

Lamar Jackson is on his way to winning his second MVP thanks to his unstoppable skillset. His offensive coordinator has also played a part in his success this year as well.

So, if you are the Atlanta Falcons why not bring Monken back to Georgia, this time as the head coach of the NFL franchise, and target Jayden Daniels in the draft?

Monken has shown that he knows how to call plays for a talented quarterback like Daniels. This would put both sides in the best position to succeed and would make the Falcons early favorites to win the NFC South.

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