This Raheem Morris speech will have Falcons fans ready to run through walls

It sure looks like Atlanta got the right guy.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Falcons' vibes are pretty good right now. They finally have the quarterback they want – and, frankly, needed – in place, they signed a promising young wide receiver in Darnell Mooney, and their new head coach is already more well-liked than Arthur Smith. They haven't even played a game yet, and Falcons fans seem way happier.

And listening to Raheem Morris speak, it's hard to blame them. Morris, who came over from Los Angeles, where he was the defensive coordinator, gave the first team-wide speech to his players during voluntary workouts this week. The Falcons' social team captured the whole thing and released it on Twitter, and reader, you're not ready for the adrenaline rush that's coming your way in eight minutes.

The steam-out-of-nose emoji is a little overdone at this point, but honestly, we can't blame the Falcons for feeling that way. That is some Grade-A football coach speak. The excitment! The personability! The fact that he walked up and down the aisles instead of just talking to the front three rows! Morris' speech has it all. It only takes a little more than six minutes to see why the Rams were reportedly devastated to lose Morris. And if you're not convinced quite yet, the quote tweets will probably do it for you.

The next step is, you know, winning football games, but so far so good in Atlanta. Morris seems like a coach that Falcons fans are already mostly unified behind, which is more than Smith could ever say in his three years running the show. Now comes the truly hard part: saving Kyle Pitts.