Top 3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should stay away from Lamar Jackson

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Reasons the Atlanta Falcons should continue to avoid Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is a polarizing player. He came into the league with questions about how he would translate to the NFL and silenced all those doubts with his electric-playmaking ability. Now the former-MVP quarterback is up for grabs but the Atlanta Falcons have made it clear that they have no intentions to trade for the franchise quarterback.

Is it the right decision or the wrong decision? You are going to have your own opinion, which you are entitled to but there is no doubt that there are arguments for both sides.

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The main argument for those who want Lamar Jackson is the fact that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to snag the most galvanic player in the NFL. Not to mention, he fits the offense to a tee and could immediately put them in the playoff conversation if they aren't already.

However, we are here to discuss the reasons that the Atlanta Falcons should continue down their current route by not making a splash for Lamar Jackson. As I said, there are legit reasons to go after him and there are legit reasons to stay away—crazy, right? Who would ever think there could be arguments made for both sides...?