Watch: Bijan Robinson somehow survived this career-threatening play

Baylor v Texas
Baylor v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Bijan Robinson is one tough dude. The former Texas running back had a legendary career with the Longhorns where he managed to play in 31 games in three years at a position that does not play kindly with the body.

Not only did he manage to play in 31 games, but he managed to survive a play that could have been deadly, or at the very least, jeopardize your career. The play further proves that Robinson is not human.

Bijan Robinson somehow survived a career-threatening play while at Texas

I must start out by saying that you do not have to watch this play, it is simply disgusting to watch. I will summarize it and allow you to decide if you want to watch it. Bijan Robinson attempts to hurdle a defender but gets clipped and is nosediving to the ground when another defender hits him with the crown of the helmet causing him to land on his head with his lower body bending backward.

The caption says it all, this is a play that would put a normal person in the hospital. There are so many injuries that could have happened. Like how did he not crack his skull, break his neck, break his left arm, or even break his back?!

It is hard to tell exactly where his head is because, thankfully, his helmet popped off but it looked like his back/midsection was at a 90° angle.

He is not human. Honestly, if it were to happen to anyone, it was good it happened to him because he clearly has the flexibility to survive it. With that being said, I think all of us would be happy if we never saw something like that again.

This play happened back in 2020 when Bijan was a freshman. The play started with him catching a Sam Ehlinger pass and ended in a hard-earned 11 yards. Bijan wasn't used much prior to that and he stayed on the sideline for the remainder of the game. You may remember this game, it was one of the greatest games in CFB history. Texas and Texas Tech were flying up and down the field with Texas coming out on top in overtime by a score of 63-56.