Watch: The Atlanta Falcons broke Saints QB Derek Carr on Sunday

Derek Carr has been a big disappointment for the New Orleans Saints and things have become even worse after the Atlanta Falcons kept him out of the endzone on eight drives
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

If you want to see the definition of a 'bend-but-don't-break defense' then just go watch the Atlanta Falcons defense in Sunday's massive week 12 win over the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints had ten drives in the game, eight of those ended in Falcons' territory. Outside of a punt to start the game and a kneel-down to end the first half, the Saints' drives either ended in a turnover or a field goal attempt. On one of those drives, Saints QB Derek Carr threw a 92-yard pick-six to Jessie Bates and Carr's postgame interview showed a QB that was lost and broken.

Atlanta Falcons broke Saints QB Derek Carr on Sunday

Why the Saints honestly thought Derek Carr was the only missing piece to put them in the Super Bowl conversation is anyone's guess. The team that was already stuck in salary cap hell decided to deal out a bunch of money to a quarterback who hadn't done much of anything throughout his NFL career.

But it is the best thing that could ever happen to the Atlanta Falcons!

On Sunday, the Falcons finally got to go against Derek Carr, a QB that they have really dominated, and things turned out how you might expect. The QB who has historically struggled in the red zone was only able to muster a touchdown... to the Atlanta Falcons.

Jessie Bates III used instincts, film study, and Derek Carr's eyes to jump a slant route, pick the pass off, and take it 92 yards for a touchdown—the only touchdown Carr was able to throw.

After the game, Carr was asked about the play and he had some strange remarks.

Is it just me or is he trying to make a backhanded comment when he mentions how Bates "left his responsibility?"

What is funny is that he completely contradicts himself, or maybe he just doesn't understand how a defense works, when he says that Bates was playing single-high coverage. The responsibility of a single-high safety is to read where the quarterback is going with the ball and try to make a play. Bates isn't just going to sit there in his single-high zone and do nothing. He used film study and Carr's eyes to determine where the ball was going.

His comments make no sense...

So, the Falcons clearly had his head spinning. Carr was making one read and throwing when in the red zone, which is not something that you want to have happen if you are a quarterback.

Now, the Atlanta Falcons must take care of their own business and start a winning streak. They cannot give the Saints any type of hope down the stretch.

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