What jersey number is Kirk Cousins wearing with Atlanta Falcons?

Did he successfully pry No. 8 from Kyle Pitts?

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The Atlanta Falcons have their quarterback for the foreseeable future and it's Kirk Cousins. The two sides agreed on a massive contract at the beginning of free agency and a team that's been "a quarterback away" for a few years now has their quarterback.

Last week, there was a fun story surfacing about how Cousins approached Kyle Pitts about his No. 8 jersey since that's been the number that Cousins has worn throughout nearly his entire college and pro career. He wore No. 12 for two years during his first two seasons with Washington but switched to No. 8 by year three.

So, was Cousins successful in getting the No. 8 jersey?

What is Kirk Cousins' Falcons jersey number?

It appears that Pitts will remain in the coveted No. 8 jersey. Cousins will reportedly wear No. 18 for the Falcons in 2024.

Cousins had reportedly asked Pitts if he could wear No. 8 and offered to write Pitts a check or give him whatever he wanted for the jersey. It appears that Pitts turned down the offer to keep the jersey he's worn since his rookie year.

NFL players, especially quarterbacks, are usually pretty attached to a certain number so no one can blame Cousins for seeking out his prized No. 8 jersey. That being said, Pitts had the jersey first so it's his right to keep the number if he wants it.