What will a successful season look like for Kirk Cousins in Atlanta?

Kirk Cousins measuring stick for success comes down to one simple thing with the Atlanta Falcons.
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Kirk Cousins will be the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons in 2024. Despite all of the trade talk, the Falcons don't want to go into another season with a starting quarterback who hasn't proved anything in his NFL career.

Cousins will be looking to elevate a Falcons offense that was anemic last year despite boasting top-end talent. His veteran leadership should bring more success to the Falcons overall but what would a successful season look like for Atlanta's new quarterback?

Success for Kirk Cousins with the Atlanta Falcons comes down to winning and making the postseason

Success for Cousins comes down to three letters, W-I-N-S. The Falcons have to stack up wins for this to have been a successful signing—crazy theory, I know.

Winning ten games and making the postseason will make this contract not look like a disaster. Winning playoff games will make it look great. Winning the Super Bowl will make it look like a steal.

There is obviously a lack of playoff wins during Cousins' career which is something that he is going to have to prove. Outright changing teams might have been the best idea for him when it comes to racking up playoff wins.

No matter what happens, Kirk Cousins just has to win games. If he does that then he will have a successful tenure with the Atlanta Falcons.

Kirk Cousins still has other pressures on him with the Falcons

After saying all of that, wins are attached to a quarterback's name way too much. Yes, the great ones tend to win a lot of games but having a losing season does not mean you have a terrible quarterback—we know that better than anyone.

Racking up numbers for himself and his teammates are also important. We live in an age where the outlook on a quarterback is influenced by the number of fantasy points they score.

When you have Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Darnell Mooney, Bijan Robinson, and Tyler Allgeier, there needs to be a large number of yards and touchdowns racked up. Cousins will have expectations to exceed 4,000 passing yards and 25 passing touchdowns in his first season.

If the Falcons can find a way to efficiently utilize their superb backfield and toss the ball down the field, then wins should be frequent and Kirk Cousins will prove to be a successful signing.


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