Where does Atlanta Falcons quarterback room rank in NFC South?

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3. New Orleans Saints- Derek Carr, Taysom Hill, Nathan Peterman, and Kellen Mond

The New Orleans Saints would easily have the worst quarterback room in the division if not for such a strong finish from Derek Carr. Included in that strong finish was an absolute demolishing of the Falcons. A game that was painful but needed to turn the page on Arthur Smith, Desmond Ridder, and bring in Raheem Morris.

In an extremely painful way the Saints helped the Falcons take back over the NFC South. That is with the understanding that these rosters are headed in opposite directions. The Saints are an aging roster in a bad cap situation without a franchise quarterback.

Derek Carr can be good at times but it is easy to see why the Raiders could never put their arms around the quarterback. Carr seemed to spend more time yelling at his teammates than he did throwing touchdowns. If you're Tom Brady and winning this is apparently endearing. For Carr, it is going to wear thin quickly on a franchise heading in the wrong direction.

Behind Carr, you have a utility player who shouldn't be considered a quarterback and two borderline emergency quarterbacks in Mond and Peterman.