Where will the Falcons biggest free agent land in 2024?

Calais Campbell remains a free agent, where will the star land in 2024?

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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Calais Campbell was a force for the Atlanta Falcons defense in 2024. The ageless veteran proved that he can still play in this league as he was a key piece in a resurgent defense in Atlanta.

Campbell was on a one-year contract which means he is on the proverbial street right now. Many have been wondering whether the Falcons will bring him back or not.

Will we see Calais Campbell back with the Falcons in 2024?

The first question you have to ask is whether or not the 37-year-old will retire after what has been a stellar career.

Calais had a goal of reaching 100 career sacks, which he did early on in the 2023 season. That achievement will certainly make it easier to retire. Throw in the fact that he will be 38 years old before the regular season starts and retirement is a likely result.

If he doesn't decide to retire then the Falcons become the most likely destination for Campbell. Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot have already said they would love to have him back—the interest is there.

The Falcons have undergone a coaching rehaul this offseason but that shouldn't affect much. Morris knows how to connect with his players and that is something Campbell has always appreciated. Not to mention, he knows the team has a quarterback now.

If there is a problem with returning to Atlanta, it is the shift to a 3-4 defense. Campbell said last year how he loved the Falcons' plan for him in Ryan Nielsen's defense. His role is going to change if he returns.

Ultimately though, I think he will decide to put a cap on his career. He has done everything you can, except win a Super Bowl and your likelihood of doing that with only one or two seasons left is slim.