Who are the Atlanta Falcons' priority free agents in 2024?

As the offseason draws closer and closer, here are the free agents that the Atlanta Falcons have to prioritize bringing back in 2024

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are headed towards another early offseason. While they still have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs if they win out, there is no reason to think they will do that. And even if they did make the postseason, they would still have an early exit—along with any of the other NFC South teams.

We will, once again, be looking ahead to free agency and the draft. Here is an early look at those free agents that the Atlanta Falcons need to extend before they hit the open market.

Priority free agents for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

Fortunately, there are no franchise-breaking free agents for the Atlanta Falcons. However, they do have some key players, especially on defense, who are due to hit the open market. There are a few players who would be a big loss if they were to move on.

They have 21 players who are trending toward the open market—12 on offense, 8 on defense, and one who strictly plays special teams.

Two names stick out as those players who you do not want to lose: Calais Campbell and Nate Landman.

Obviously, with Campbell, there is the question of whether or not he will retire. The Falcons need to do everything in their power to convince him to return for at least another year. He has been a massive part of the defensive turnaround the Falcons have had.

Nate Landman is an interesting one. The Falcons have Kaden Elliss under contract for a few years and they will have Troy Andersen returning from injury. Where does Landman fit?

Personally, I think you have to bring back Landman and insert him into the future starting lineup. He has truly been one of the best in the NFL and you cannot lose him and bank on a young player who has had his ups and downs. Go with what works, re-sign Landman.

Then there are those who would be nice to have back: KhaDarel Hodge, Keith Smith, Cordarrelle Patterson, Bud Dupree, Kentavius Street, Ryan Neuzil, Liam McCullough, and possibly Jeff Okudah and Matt Hennessy.

Hodge and Smith have both been key special teamers and have had a role in the offense, Patterson is a fan favorite and an energizer, Dupree and Street (who will be coming off of an injury) have played well, Neuzil has filled in nicely, and McCullough is, well, a long snapper which is something you have to have.

The two interesting ones are Hennessy and Okudah. Hennessy has been in the shadow of Dalman but he showed some promise at guard last year. His injury history is a huge concern.

As for Okudah, well, he has been up and down—which has been the story of his career. I have seen fans, recently, say that he has been lights out all year and has shown why he was the fourth-overall pick. I disagree; while he has been good at points, he has not kicked the injury bug and has often been a weak link.

We are also coming off of a game where the coaching staff inserted a rookie in his spot for basically the entire game. I don't know if he will be re-signed. He may end up getting overpaid on the open market.

Overall, the Falcons don't have that massive piece due to hit free agency. There are plenty of replaceable players and that bodes well for their future.

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