Why Falcons didn't warn Kirk Cousins of draft plans prior to being on the clock

The Atlanta Falcons had to keep their cards close to the vest going into the 2024 NFL Draft.
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After signing a contract worth $180 million, quarterback Kirk Cousins was reportedly stunned by the Atlanta Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr. in the top ten of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Well, I think he is in the same boat as many of us. As much as I liked the pick, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little stunned. Unless you work for a franchise, all we hear leading up to the draft is what the analysts believe is going to happen and this was something that didn't seem like a possibility until rumors right before the draft.

Cousins is going to be the starting quarterback; he knows that, the fans know that, and the Falcons know that. Drafting Penix had nothing to do with the next two seasons, but rather the future of the team.

According to reports and statements made by Cousins' agent, Cousins believed the Falcons were going to take a quarterback at some point in the draft but wasn't thinking it would happen early in the first round.

The Falcons only told Cousins this was their plan when they were on the clock and were about to announce the pick.

While this might seem like a low blow to a QB you just gave the keys to, it was the only avenue you could take. The NFL Draft is all about secrets and the Falcons had to keep a secret about their intentions with the eighth overall pick.

Falcons couldn't risk telling Kirk Cousins about their plans to take Michael Penix Jr.

I don't know why the media is acting like Kirk Cousins should be mad at the Falcons. The team just handed him a huge contract that required a lot of trust. He also knows he is the starting quarterback moving forward and that he isn't getting any younger.

If Cousins was 30 years old then he would have a right to be angry. But considering where he is right now, Cousins shouldn't expect the Falcons not to look to the future.

But I digress, what we are here to talk about is why the Falcons didn't warn Cousins about their plan to take Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth pick.

According to reports, teams were trying to trade into the top ten to draft the Washington quarterback. He was a hot commodity and one that the Falcons wouldn't have gotten if teams knew that they were serious about drafting him.

Kirk Cousins is an excellent person and a great personality but he hasn't been great at not revealing too much(remember the tampering violations which he admitted to in his introductory press conference?!).

Cousins has also been a guest on what seems like every show known to humanity since the was signed—Shaq's podcast, the Masters, Sunday Night Baseball, etc. Each of those appearances only increased the likelihood of the Falcons' intentions getting leaked to the media.

If the plans had been compromised, one of the three teams who wanted to trade up for him would have found a way to leapfrog the Falcons, and just like that their plans are ruined.

Contacting Cousins while they were on the clock was the only option they had. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone when you look at the full picture.