This is the worst take on the Atlanta Falcons in a long, long time...

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Sometimes you hear or read something that is so bad that you just have to laugh. That is what every Atlanta Falcons fan, or any knowledgeable NFL fan for that matter, has been doing after watching a certain media personality attack the Falcons.

Fox Sports airs a show called "Speak" (they really put a lot of thought into naming the show) where Lesean McCoy, Emmanuel Acho, and Joy Taylor talk about sports. For some reason, one of them decided to throw all logic out the door and say some strange things.

Joy Taylor gives an awful take on the Atlanta Falcons' intentions

Money, according to Joy Taylor, is the reason the Atlanta Falcons aren't willing to pursue Lamar Jackson. Money, not the injury history, not the likely fact that the Ravens will match any offer sheet, not the fact that he will cost two first-round picks, not the fact that Lamar wants a lot of guarantees, not the fact that he doesn't have an agent, etc., you get the idea.

Just listen to this video and try not to turn it off within the first 40 seconds (it will be very difficult).

From the first second of the video, she sounds just like an internet troll. It sure seems like she has a vendetta against the Atlanta Falcons because she conveniently leaves out a lot of context and doesn't think very deeply about what she is saying.

She states that they just don't want to pay Lamar Jackson and implies that Arthur Blank is a cheapskate. Sure, whatever, but she is glancing over a huge fact; Lamar Jackson = $$$. The formula is that simple, if you have Lamar Jackson on your team, you are selling a lot more tickets and concessions. You would have the most electrifying player in the NFL; a player that everyone wants to see in real life.

I also want to know what she would say if you brought up the fact that Atlanta has spent a lot of money this offseason on guys like Calais Campbell, Jessie Bates, Kaden Elliss, David Onyemata, Scotty Miller, etc. Arthur Blank, Terry Fontenot, and co. have spent a combined $154,495,000 on outside free agents (if you add the total of all their contracts).

That doesn't even account for all the money spent on re-signings, the trade for Jonnu Smith, and the massive Chris Lindstrom extension that is worth over $100 million. In fact, according to Spotrac, the Falcons have spent the second-most money this offseason.

Nevertheless, I get the feeling that she would have some other unsubstantiated reason to back up her unsubstantiated argument if you showed her the facts.

She has to ask who the Falcons quarterback was and who it will be. Ask any average NFL fan and they will probably be able to tell you.

Not to mention, her dismissal of Ridder is completely and utterly disrespectful, it really is. She not only implied she didn't know who the third-winningest quarterback in CFB history is, but she made him sound like he isn't even another living person on this Earth.

Her attitude is simply ridiculous, childish, and uncalled for. Her reaction was simply messed up—for both Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota.

There has been a lot of respect—if there was any—lost between Joy Taylor and Atlanta Falcons fans. What she says is so ignorant and the way she says it is so childish. I don't know what else to say, this was one of the worst sports takes I have ever seen.

It also seems like bad NFL opinions/takes follow Emmanuel Acho around. Definitely not a coincidence.

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