Expectations: LB Robert James


Part One: DT Vance Walker

I wanted to see exactly which current or former NFL player Falcons’ draftees have been compared to. Using the data from CBS Sports, I took a look at the 26 draft picks the Falcons have made in the Dimitroff-Smith era and reviewed their NFL comparison according to the experts at CBS.

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Today’s Expectation Breakdown: Robert James

James was drafted in the fifth round of the 2008 draft but was released/signed/cut/signed – there might be more in there but needless to say his locker might have a turnstyle in it. He’s played in only one game that I can find but there’s not much to go on which is surprising when you consider…

NFL Comparison (when drafted): Cato June

"From CBS: For James to succeed at weak-side linebacker, he will have to play in a Cover-2 alignment, as his size and bulk issues cause serious problems when trying to shed blocks at the line of scrimmage. He has good pass drop skills and eyes for the ball in flight and could make a shift to safety at the pro level, but he has just adequate foot speed, which might not be enough to cover receivers in the deep third of the zone. He came into his own as a senior, but was allowed to freelance quite a bit and he might not be able to play in a controlled system. Still, with smallish linebackers becoming all the rage in a Cover-2, there could be a place for him on some team as a late-round draft choice."

What It Means

June has been a solid starter for five of his seven seasons and made the Pro Bowl in 2005. Needless to say, this comparison could be filed in the “bad” category.

Will James become another practice squad player in 2010? Does he have the ability to reach the draft day praise? Let me know in the comments.