Potential Atlanta Falcons Draftees of Other Positions


George Iloka-Free Safety-Boise State. Iloka is a good free safety, who played in a Boise State program who won a whole heck of a lot, and played in their fair share of big-time games. Iloka is a good matching up against tight ends in coverage, and also can play well when covering receivers in coverage. He is very good at knocking the ball down out of the air and separating the ball from the receiver, but he struggles to come up with big time interceptions, or ball-hawking plays. He has the size and strength to come up and play the run effectively, but he often struggles wrapping up and bringing the ball-carrier down–he often requires his teammates to make the tackle. That being said, he would  be excellent at covering the tight end, something that is necessary in today’s NFL.

Brandon Boykin-Cornerback-Georgia. At one time, I thought Boykin was a can’t miss prospect for the Falcons–they had a need in the defensive secondary, and Boykin was a ball-hawk who would do a good job filling a need at cornerback. After the trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for Asante Samuel, I couldn’t disagree more with this potential pick. It would be foolish for the Falcons to use a 2nd or 3rd round pick on Boykin despite his obvious talent. Boykin is a fine player, but is at a position the Falcons have absolutely no need.

Ryan Broyles-Wide Receiver-Oklahoma. Broyles is not the biggest or fastest receiver in the world, but he produced at a high level at Oklahoma until he suffered a torn ACL. He was almost certainly going to be a 1st round pick up until that point. He is not an elite jump ball target, but I think Broyles would fit with the Falcons in four receiver sets. A receiver set of Julio Jones and Roddy White on the outside with Harry Douglas and Ryan Broyles from both slot positions would be a powerful offensive set to deal with indeed. The Falcons don’t have their 7th round pick anymore, but it might just be worth their 6th round pick to take a guy like Broyles. The Falcons need more depth at the receiver position, and a low-risk, high-reward type player like Broyles could fit well with the Falcons.

Who else would you like to see the Falcons target in this draft this weekend?