Champ Bailey wants the Falcons to pick on him


Aug. 30, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey against the Arizona Cardinals during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Former University of Georgia great and Denver Broncos All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey is seriously hoping that the Falcons decide to pick on him during their Monday Night matchup on a national stage. Bailey, who is from Georgia has purchased a bundle of tickets for the game that he is giving to family and friends.

Here is the quote from Bailey when asked if he wanted the Falcons to throw the ball his way:

"I welcome that. I look forward to it every week anyway, even though sometimes that’s not the case. I’m always prepared for it."

And for good reason. Bailey has fifty interceptions in his career. The idea is that teams will be more inclined to pick on Champ due to the addition of Tracy Porter on this Broncos team. Porter is a decent cornerback, and picked off Ben Roethlisberger last week for a touchdown, but he isn’t an out-of-this-world talent. If you throw the ball late, or under throw a pass, Porter will undercut the ball and make the play. As simple as that.

The key, however, is that the Falcons have two of the most dangerous receivers in the league, and in tandem are even more dangerous. Julio Jones and Roddy White can win one-on-one situation by themselves, even against the best corners in the league. Add in Tony Gonzalez controlling the middle of the field and attracting a good deal of attention, and Harry Douglas who will generally be moving the chains and getting yardage from the slot, and the Falcons have more than enough firepower to still be extremely productive against these Broncos corners.

However, history shows that it would be foolish to be cocky, or think the Falcons could abuse Bailey and Porter. At any time, either corner could make a big play, and completely change the complexion of the game. Both are experienced, and have played on the biggest stages, and in Bailey’s case has seen everything in the world that a corner can possibly see.

I do believe, however, that the chemistry between Matt Ryan and the extremely athletic and physical receivers the Falcons have will be able to complete a bunch of passes for a bunch of yardage. Ryan is a very talented quarterback, and this is a group of talented receivers. They are certainly capable of getting the job done. They need only go out and execute.