Birds vs Bucs… And A Clean Old-Fashioned Prediction


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Falcon Country. Everyone should be full and by now Uncle Bobby probably just downed one PBR too many. So now is as good a time as any to relax and take a look at this week’s match up with the popsicles from Tampa Bay.
As I type this, I’m watching the Skins and Cowboys. Felix Jones is running with authority. He hits the hole at top speed and blows defenders back. Now he’s not 100% healthy, and I know he’s not a Falcon or Buc. But I can think of one bird that used to run with that kind if physicality. The Burner needs to regain that form this Sunday in order for Atlanta to come home with a W.
As I watch Turner this year, he’s definitely lost a step. Yes he still busts through the first tackle, but it usually happens behind the line of scrimmage. He lacks break-away speed and somebody needs to light a fire under his caboose. No roster move is going to improve our running game this late in the season. Hey Turner! Get mad!
And speaking of roster moves… I’m not even going to bring up the Joe Hawley scandal. (Until now) I mean Adderall? Geeze Louise man. Grow up. Your team is 9-1. Think about your teammates and your fans. I think the money he loses should be given as a signing bonus to whatever lineman takes his place next year. Because I doubt he’ll be back. Perhaps TD ships Hawley and Turner off in a package deal in the off season. We shall see.
I’m not going to shower you with stats in this blog. We all know Tampa is good. Mr. Martin aka “Pocket Hamster” is just chewing up defenses and Atlanta can’t stop the run. We will be getting the Spoon back on defense, but will he be 100%? I doubt it. Somebody not named Abraham needs to make some plays and the birds need to create some turnovers on Sunday. Tampa added some talented veteran leaders on offense in Dallas Clark and Vincent Jackson, and Josh Freeman is finding them both. This ain’t last year’s Bucs.
One more thing I’d rather not blog about would be the Iceman’s little pick-fest he decided to throw last Sunday. But it happened. It happened five times. It happened to Farve. It happened to Marino. We’ll just mark that one off of the list and move forward. Matt Ryan is a professional. He will address the issues and expect a more accurate performance on Sunday. Hey! Couldn’t get worse than that, right?
Atlanta needs this game. We may be 9-1, but we’re only 1-1 in the division. The defense will get a much needed boost from the return of Sean Weatherspoon and trust me Matty Ice will clean up the miscues. These games are always physical, and that’s exactly the kind of game we need to prepare for the Bagheads. Atlanta wins a close one 31-28.
And lastly I’d like to wish my Yellow Jackets luck against those inbred puppies this weekend. Coach Paul Johnson is going to need it. If the defense shows any kind of backbone at all, I think we can take em! Bold prediction of the week… Drum roll please… Jackets 45 Puppies 44. Happy Holidays everybody. Thanks for reading.