To A perfect game, the Rhyme has come.


It would be difficult to hand out One Falcons giant victory game ball,

A more complete game from Atlanta I could not recently recall.

The effort, the focus, the execution I hope is their playoff design,
So ecstatic after family football party , I put the game notes to Rhyme.
Asante Samuel swoops in and picks off Eli’s first pass,
Four Turner carries and the home birds get a score fast.
After missing on a thirty yarder, kicker Tynes seemed lonely,
Ryan hits six for six and it’s an Atlanta touchdown to Tony.
Biermann sacks Manning on a third and seven,
First quarter ends and the Dome is in Heaven.
Two minutes into second quarter we get an interception from DeCoud,
Bryant hits a thirty eight yard field goal for the rocking home crowd.
Spoon then stuffs a fourth and one try on the Atlanta thirty two,
First half ends with seventeen for Atlanta and zero for the big Blue.
Start of the third quarter and Falcon Nation is looking for more,
A highlight film bomb to Julio and were up by twenty four.
New York is in a hole and needing some kind of spark,
A failed gamble on fourth and two and all hope is now dark.
The Atlanta offense eats up six and a half minutes off the clock,
Bryant ends drive with another field goal to put Giants in shock.
In fourth quarter we see Ryan connect with Julio again to seal the victory,
Attracting critics attention and halt this opponents dominant history.
A thirty-four to zero final score is a solid NFL crushing,
Great that Turner, Snelling and Rodgers get over a hundred yards rushing.
Ryan was perfect, the three accurate touchdowns were so telling,
A fun game is when McCown is running out clock with handoffs to Snelling.
The offense was nine of thirteen on converting third downs in the game,
Had zero turnovers and the time of possession was totally insane.
The entire defensive unit got them a well deserved shut out,
Even back- up safety Chris Hope played spectacularly stout.
H.D had three catches to eighty- three yards, for one of his best,
One more victory and the playoffs must go through this wild Birds nest.
A trip to motor city and wishing for another solid game on Saturday,
Then may the team and Falcon Nation have a safe and happy Holiday.
Like the win against the rival Saints this perfect game set me loose,
I fear a trip to the Super Bowl that I’ll turn into Dr. Seuss.