Atlanta Falcons Top Offseason Focus: Offense or Defense


Being a General Manager in the NFL is definitely one of the most difficult and important jobs for each team. The innate ability it takes to figure out who to target, budgeting talents worth, comprise numerous contracts to fit a salary cap and in Thomas Dimitroff’s case finding guys who wont be a problem in the locker room. Yes it seems as though this offseason will be TD’s most difficult since taking over the job in 2008. With many question marks on both sides of the ball Dimitroff will have to decide which side he should put more money into. So let’s debate, which side of the ball should be the Falcons main focus this offseason?

Plagued by injuries the falcons offense was a shadow of their former self in 2013. Horrid offensive line play, Julio Jones’ season ending injury and a non-existent run game were the main contributors to such poor play.

Offensive lineman don’t come cheap in the NFL so it’s apparent money has to be put into these positions. Matt Ryan needs to be protected and if the group plays anything like they did the previous season Atlanta is in trouble. Luckily the O- line isn’t just flat-out bad players not fit to start, they are inexperienced and with another year under their belts they should be better even with the same front five. They will need another guy to step in for sure at left tackle this would allow the Falcons to move Baker to the right side. We know money needs to be put into our offensive line but it is up to Dimitroff to decide how much help is needed and how much money should be invested.

Another huge hole in the offense was left by Tony Gonzalez retiring. Some people think that we need to go get Jimmy Graham and man would that be great. Do we need him though? the short answer is no but it really depends on how serious the Falcons are about trying to make it to the Super Bowl next year. Since Matt Ryan has come into the league the Falcons have made a point of surrounding Ryan with offensive weapons. If this still holds true then the Falcons focus on building their offense and should go get Jimmy Graham but I don’t think that is in the best interest of the team.

We all know the common saying “defense wins championships“, some disagree but it definitely held true this year when the Seattle Seahawks won the Lombardi Trophy in dominating fashion. So why not take a page from their book and put a little more attention on the defensive side of the ball? Well it seems like that might be the case with news hitting that the Falcons cut ties with Asante Samuels and Stephen Nicholas.

Defense Starts up front so a premier pass rusher has to be the number 1 focus. We all know Jadeveon Clowney and Anthony Barr have been popular choices in mock drafts but if they grab an offensive  tackle a high-priced defensive end or outside linebacker could be targets in free agency.

Another popular name linked to the Falcons is Jairus Byrd and the best safety featured in free agency. If the Falcons can find the right formula to bring all the pieces together it could make the defense near the top in the NFL. With two rookie corners who are progressing well and Joplo Bartu and Paul Worrilow making a very strong case to be next years starters adding a few good veterans would change the whole dynamic of the team.

I think you have to focus more on defense this year. With an already good offense the defense needs more work. It is very important to keep your quarterback protected but a defense that is able to get critical stops, short fields and turnovers will benefit the whole team. No question both sides of the ball need improving this offseason but which side do you think should hold the Atlanta Falcons primary focus this offseason?