Is Scott Pioli the next Atlanta Falcons GM?


Scott Pioli was brought in this past offseason from the Atlanta Falcons to help Thomas Dimitroff with roster evaluations, draft evaluation and free agent evaluation. On the offensive side of the ball the Falcons have done a good job. On the defensive side of the ball they have done nothing but terrible play.

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The play so far this season suggests that there will be heads rolling in Atlanta and we all know things roll downhill.

At this point Brian Billick appears to be right on point with his comments last week that the Falcons had the least talent in the league on defense. There may only be 2 or 3 players on our defense that would start on any other team in the league. I am starting to wonder if some of our starters would even make some of the other rosters in the league.

Thomas Dimitroff has put defensive coordinator Mike Nolan into a position of trying to turn magic tricks on Sunday. The Falcons may be able to stop a few plays if David Copperfield were calling the plays.

I’m not saying Dimitroff should be fired. I have never been on strong supporter of firing anyone that has not done anything unethical or immoral. I believe that most things in life are fixable. Thomas Dimitroffs problem is the Falcons are building and new stadium and owner Arthur Blanks has to fill it. For those reasons he may have to get his resume updated.

This roster just doesn’t compare to the upper echelon of NFL rosters. Matt Ryan and his receivers have the burden of having to score plus points per game. In the NFL that just isn’t possible each and every game.

Was Scott Pioli brought in to take over for Thomas Dimitroff? Can Pioli build a defense of the Atlanta Falcons like the one he helped build in Kansas City? What are your thoughts?