Falcons: Corey Peters May Not Play Against the Saints


With Paul Soliai and Tyson Jackson firmly at the starting defensive tackle spots for the Atlanta Falcons, rookie Ra’shede Hageman and Corey Peters is expected to play very frequently subbing in.

Well, they may not have Corey in week one, per Vaughn McClure’s interview with head coach Mike Smith.

"“We’re not set on what we’re going to do with Corey,” Smith said. “Corey is going to have really his second padded practice on Wednesday. But he’s done everything that we’ve asked. And we’ll make a determination on Wednesday after he’s had a really full, full workload this week.”"

If Peters can particpate and do decently in the “full workload” he is expected to have, then the Falcons should have number 91 back of the field as soon as possible.

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The Falcons front seven can sure use a boost, and Peters could provide the pass rush that they desperately need. If you don’t know, this 26 year old racked up 5.0 sacks in 2013, which was, believe it or not, the 2nd highest sack total on this team last season. But even if he does come back, he will probably be very limited in Sunday’s action against the rivals New Orleans Saints not playing for more than 10-15 snaps.

Let’s just hope Corey Peters can get healthy as soon as possible, or hint hint: Maybe get Kevin Vickerson in free agency?