The Falcons Got Unlucky Playing the Saints In Week One


Let’s face it, the Atlanta Falcons were somewhat unlucky being faced against a team like the New Orleans Saints.

Starting off against the Titans, Raiders, or even Texans would’ve gave the players something they can ease into. We don’t want them to lose all hope if they lose to Drew Brees and this offense, which if you haven’t noticed the Falcons team from last season tends to give up after a game or two which led to a 4-12 record.

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Being a fan of the Falcons, it is hard to say this but the Saints just have more talent than us, at least on the defensive side. I am not saying we can’t beat this New Orleans ‘Aints team, but it will be extremely difficult.

Don’t be mistaken however, this is going to be an entertaining and close game. The fact that we have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones should keep Brees and Jimmy Graham on their toes. Heck, if you ask me I believe we have the better offense than the Saints.

I spoke with John Hendrix, a trusted editor and writer of the New Orleans Saints over at, and here is what he had to say about the game coming up.

"“Let’s face it. This is going to be as entertaining of a matchup as any. Am I saying that the game will come down to the final drive as it has in the past several contests? There’s a strong chance. I believe the difference here is going to be the turnovers. Let’s look at it like this….for the Falcons to win, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is going to have to throw everything and then some at the Saints offense. We all remember what happened in the 2012 meeting between the two at the Georgia Dome, which resulted in a Saints loss. For the Saints to win, they need to put the gas on from the very first snap, and never let up. Impact player for the Falcons would be Matt Ryan (obvious choice), and for the Saints would be Mark Ingram.”"

Yes he was definitely right about Mike Nolan and how he has to throw everything and then some. I expect a full blitzing campaign from the first snap, it may be the secret to slow down number nine. It should be a fun ride, so buckle up!