Atlanta Falcons Starting To Gain Respect Around the Media


Starting the first game of the 2014 NFL season, no one would’ve expected the Atlanta Falcons to defeat the New Orleans Saints. No one would’ve also expected for them to be so darn good.

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This is where power rankings from around the media come in. Power rankings is a list of the 32 NFL teams and rank them from 1-32 from one being the best team in the NFL and 32 being the worst. Pretty simple right? The two most well-known and respected sites are and

Let’s start with

Before the season, Elliot Harrison (who controls the rankings for had the Falcons at 19th. They were below the New York Jets……

Now, they are ranked at number 10, therefore have jumped up to being a top-10 team in the league. Here is what Elliot had to say about them.

"“So what is Julio Jones’ season gonna look like? 110 catches, 1,635 yards and 10 touchdowns? Is that outside the realm of possibility? OK, maybe that’s a tad high. Yet, if Matt Ryan has enough time in the pocket to check his LinkedIn notifications and bid on an eBay Gerald Riggs jersey, those projections might not be so far off.”"

He only emphasized the talented Julio Jones, but the respect for the Falcons have obviously soared up.

Now, let’s jump to This list is made by 80 of the most respected sports analysts of the company.

Starting from the beginning of week one, the Dirty Birds clocked in at an embarassing 17th. Now jump at to the week two and guess what? They are at number 9 and once again in the top-10.

"Think Matt Ryan is everyone’s healthy? Ryan was 9 of 11 for 224 yards on throws at least 15 yards downfield Sunday."

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t done yet. If they can take down the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday at “The Jungle,” the rankings are sure to rise.