Can Falcons Rookie WR Freddie Martino Make An Impact?


The Falcons already boast one of the most talented receiving core in the NFL. With Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, and Devin Hester it was a bit of a surprise that Mike Smith decided to cut a decent special teams player in Courtney Roby to bring Freddie Martino up to the roster.

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Listen, it’s obvious that Martino showed that he is capable to play in the NFL in practice or he wouldn’t be in this situation. Drew Davis is also coming back in a couple of weeks, and Martino knows that which is why he will be playing truly for his job these next couple of games.

With Douglas being sidelined due to injury, the rookie out of the North Greenville Crusaders will get his share of chances. Can he make an impact?

Well, here is a little bit about the youngster and what he did in college, per

"“A four-year starter for the North Greenville Crusaders catching 296 passes for 3,766 yards, and 26 touchdowns. set a school record with 1,680 yards (152.7 yards per game) and scored 12 touchdowns. Led the team in receptions and yards each season, including a pair of 1,000 yard seasons. In 2013, set a NCAA Division Il record with 146 catches, accounting for nearly half of the Crusaders receptions.” HINT: The Falcons may have something in this kid"

The talent is there, but there is no way that he stays on the 53 man active roster just so that he can slowly grow into his potential, not with Drew Davis coming back. The impact must me made.

Take a look at his highlights below.



Any fool can tell that this kid has God-given hands. Yes it is division two football, but the fact that he is able to make some of those wonderful catches is textbook.


Hey, this kid can stretch the field and get open! That is a trait that is underrated and overlooked by many fans. The numbers are there because the kid knows how to get open with those moves.



Yes it is college football, but it is still division two. Despite Martino outrunning some defensive backs, he only clocked in at an unimpressive 4.68 40 yard dash coming into the NFL. It won’t be easy to get past the corners with that kind of speed in the NFL.


Not really a true negative, but he stands at a shabby 5’11, with 199 lbs on him. The height disadvantage will limit him from making those big leaping grabs in the end zone.

It may be too early to tell, but the Atlanta Falcons may have found a diamond in the rough.

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