Atlanta Falcons: Will Byron Maxwell Follow Quinn to Atlanta?


With Dan Quinn as the new head coach of the 2015 Atlanta Falcons (unofficially), there is a player that seems to be a good fit for the team.

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And he seems like the type that Quinn would love to have.

Byron Maxwell’s contract is due after the Super Bowl. Before we get into the specifics, it’s clear that Maxwell will be testing the free agent market to see where he wants to go for the next part of his NFL career.

Reporters asked him about free agency during an interview, and he came back with a pretty clear answer.

"“I’m the prettiest girl at the dance right now,” Maxwell said. “But yeah, it’s one of those things I’m excited about it. I would love to be here, but I’m ready to see what’s out there and see how things work out.”"

He was also asked about his future.

"“Yeah, of course it would be hard not to think about your future,” he said. “Especially what’s in my future and how it could help my family? It would be hard not to be like, ‘What could be next?’ But right now, this week, I’m focusing on this game.”"

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Let’s get this point down first: The Atlanta Falcons need pass rushers, and pass rushers should be the top priority. But to be honest, the coaching staff can pick up a player through free agency with the amount of cap space that they have and use their first round pick on a premier pass rusher as well. This means that they will have the opportunity to sign plenty of other players.

Should the Atlanta Falcons make the move for Byron Maxwell?

Well it certainly makes sense. He will be coming onto a team where the head coach was his former defensive coordinator, so it shouldn’t be too tough of a transition. Let’s list down Pro’s and Con’s for the move.

Should the Atlanta Falcons Sign Byron Maxwell? Pro’s and Con’s.


  • He’s a playmaker. Four interceptions in 2013, and added another two with 11 passes defended this season.
  • One of the better cornerbacks in the league, he can certainly be a number one corner on the right team that needs one
  • Just imagine Maxwell and Desmond Trufant together….
  • Adding a few pass rushers and having two premier cornerbacks would instantly transform the Atlanta Falcons and their defense


  • Won’t come cheap. ESPN predicted at least 4 million dollars a year. My take? Expect at least 6 million due to the high demand for players like Maxwell.
  • Struggles to stay consistent
  • Do we really want to spend money on a number two corner? Desmond Trufant has already locked down the number one spot

It makes sense. Josh Wilson isn’t a starting cornerback, and adding the versatile Maxwell will instantly make this Atlanta Falcons defense one to fear.

Let the world know, should the Atlanta Falcons make the move and sign Byron Maxwell? Tell us down in the comments.