Reluctant To Change: The Story Of The 2014 Atlanta Falcons


Another week, another lousy performance from the Falcons. After last week’s loss in Minnesota it was crucial for the Falcons to show up and make a statement against the Giants, the result really wasn’t the be all and end all this week, the performance was and unfortunately once again the Falcons fell short. The first half wasn’t terrible as both the offense and defense played to a reasonable standard, but in the second half the wheels fell off and the Falcons turned in one of their usual substandard, soul piercing performances that leaves the fan base seeking change.

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Over the last 12 months it’s been pretty tiresome watching this Falcons team and through 5 games it doesn’t appear as if the 2014 season is going to make any easier viewing. What’s really infuriating from the fans viewpoint is that week in, week out this team shows up with the same issues and yet the coaches are seemingly not interested in changing things. The 2014 Falcons are no different to the 2013 Falcons; soft, poorly coached, poorly managed and lacking talent, this is the Atlanta Falcons right now and it was the Atlanta Falcons 12 months ago and it’s not acceptable.

After last season the coaches must know they are under pressure and yet they show almost no recognition of any urgency or any interest in altering things. This team makes the same mistakes week in and week out and yet the coaches insist on using the same players, the same schemes and the same sucky play calling that has gotten us into this situation in the first place. At this point it looks almost guaranteed that major changes are ahead after this season, but what about in the immediate future? What will the remainder of the 2014 season entail for this team?

The thing that really needs to change in the immediate future is the mentality and attitude this team takes into games, especially games away from the Georgia Dome. All off season the team talked about toughness, it would be nice if they showed some, it would be nice if the players showed up and put on a gutsy performance for 4 quarters. Win or lose, talent or no talent, all the fans really want to see is their team playing their heart out every week and Falcon fans haven’t seen that in far too long. There’s no reason this team can’t turn the corner but things have to change immediately, and as we’ve seen, things haven’t changed in 12 months so don’t expect them to change in 7 days.

A week after an embarrassing performance the New England Patriots this week showed up on national television and promptly gave a big middle finger to all of their doubters as they dismantled arguably the best team in the NFL right now, the Cincinnati Bengals. Good teams and good coaches are defined by how they act when the going gets tough, how they react to adversity. It took the Patriots 7 days to silence their critics, the Falcons have had 12 months and they’re still trying.