Atlanta Falcons: Jacques Smith to Rise in 2015?


It is no secret that Mike Smith preferred to play his veterans over up and coming young players. The Atlanta Falcons’ new coach has made it very clear; the best players will be on the field whether they are young or old. Jacques Smith will be a player that benefits greatly from the new coaching staff. He showed all last preseason that he had the aggression and motor to contribute on defense.

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You can bet that Coach Dan Quinn will at least give him an opportunity to shine. He should fit nicely into the rotation and play some meaningful snaps. The old regime would have left him on the practice squad to rot away until his practice squad eligibility ran out and then stick him on special teams while they let the veterans take all the reps.

Smith has a motor that runs high and isn’t scared to give it all he’s got, even in practice (as you may have saw in Hard Knocks).

Jacques Smith may be the pass rusher Atlanta has been searching for and the sad part is he was on the roster last season. Do you think Smith will provide a surprising impact in Dan Quinn’s defense? Discuss below.