Atlanta Falcons: LB Worrilow Turns To Yoga for Improvement


One of the most important and critical players that must have a successful campaign in 2015 is Atlanta Falcons LB Paul Worrilow.

In Worrilow’s two year career in the NFL, the middle linebacker managed to rack up 270 tackles, 4.0 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and zero games missed. Those are stats that are comparable to the likes of Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis, yet Worrilow still gets a lot of criticism and flock for his play on the field.

“I don’t read that stuff,” Worrilow to ESPN. “You’ve got to worry about yourself. I mean, nobody puts more pressure on me than myself, and that’s a constant day in and day out. I feel the pressure to improve and be the best that I can be for myself and for my family.”

He has made it clear, according to Vaughn McClure of, that he simply “doesn’t read that stuff,” and is 100% focused on elevating his play for the upcoming season.

And for improvement, Worrilow has revealed that he has made one big change in his workout routine.


"“A great deal of time has been spent with yoga and stretching, stuff like that,” Worrilow told ESPN. “I’ve never really done yoga consistently. I’ve done it at times throughout my football career. But this year, it’s been kind of a everyday thing, or at least five days a week.“Some days, I’ll do it for an hour. The program I follow, it’s just about relaxing in different positions and allowing your body to move naturally to increase your range of motion. And you’ll last longer.”"

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Yoga has developed as one of the most useful tools that a football player can utilize to help their play on the field, and it seems that Worrilow has caught on the trend. He is already a very productive linebacker in only two years of professional ball, but maybe yoga will aid him in taking the next step.

Dan Quinn also emphasized how excited he was for the young linebacker.

"“I think the first thing that jumps out right off the bat when you watch the tape is that this guy has command of everything,” Quinn said. “His football smarts, his intelligence, his grit, the work ethic, all those things. It’s easy to see why he’s made such a big impact on the team.“And for us, where we play more 3 deep when we’re playing more zone, those are the things where we can see him improve in his tackling. Going into the offseason, each player will have a couple of things they are already doing well and here’s a couple of things we can improve on. And collectively, we’ll all get better. But I can’t wait to see what he can become.”"

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