Falcons 2015 Schedule Revealed: Atlanta open with Eagles


The 2015 NFL regular season schedule has been announced. Can the Atlanta Falcons make a playoff run?

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With the NBA playoffs heating up and the MLB season in full swing, NFL fans wait patiently for the new season to kickoff in September. Fortunately, the new season now feels a little more real with the release of the 2015 schedule.

Even prior to the release of the schedule, Falcons fans knew that the 2015 schedule is far from easy. For the Falcons to make the playoffs, they will need to beat some talented teams.

The Falcons will play host to the Andrew Luck-led Indianapolis Colts, the Philadelphia Eagles featuring DeMarco Murray and the J.J. Watt show that is the Houston Texans.

On the road, the Falcons face daunting challenges against the Dallas Cowboys and ever-improving New York Giants.

Despite that, there are plenty of winnable games on this year’s schedule. In fact, the Falcons actually have the easiest strength of schedule in the entire NFL, according to NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Road trips to Tennessee and Jacksonville will leave the Falcons confident of posting two victories, while the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t the toughest divisional opponents right now, and the Falcons will fancy their chances to sweep the pair again in 2015.

Atlanta will need to replicate their impressive 5-1 divisional record next season, and simply must get better outside of the division. Fortunately, they will have the chance to do just that when you take a look at the schedule.

Here is the Atlanta Falcons’ complete 2015 regular season schedule:

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