NFL Odds: Atlanta Falcons’ Super Bowl hopes slim


After a strong 2015 NFL Draft on paper, what odds to the Atlanta Falcons have of winning the Super Bowl in 2015?

The latest NFL odds are out from BOVADA, and the outlook isn’t great for the Falcons. Atlanta is tied with the Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints and New York Jets with a 40/1 chance of winning the big game. Seattle leads the way as favorites, followed by Green Bay and New England.

Even with what appears to be a strong draft class by Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, there is clearly still work to do. The defense looks set to improve, but it still has a lot of catching up to do with the top teams.

The NFC is set to be as tough as ever, and the chances of Atlanta making some noise in the playoffs remains unlikely, but their path to the postseason doesn’t look quite as daunting.

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The Falcons own the ‘easiest’ strength of schedule, for what it’s worth. That doesn’t mean a whole lot, because that’s of course based on the 2014 season, and no team will be the same as they were then. Even so, it gives a general idea, and there are plenty of games the Falcons should be confident of winning next season.

In the NFC, the Seahawks and Packers lead the way and it’s not even close. Behind them, the Cowboys, Eagles and Cardinals look strong, but the Falcons might be able to force their way into this group.

The Lions have lost key players to their roster, the 49ers aren’t the team they were in 2012 and the Panthers aren’t in a much stronger position than the Falcons.

In the poor NFC South, the Falcons have a good a chance as anyone to reach the postseason. The Panthers are the team to beat after becoming the first team in the division’s 13 year history to win it in consecutive years.

As for the other two teams, the Saints are trying to bounce back, but still have a number of question marks on their roster. The Buccaneers might have finally got their quarterback, but it’s yet to be seen whether he can turn the fortunes around.

What do you think of these odds? Are they fair?

Has the draft given you confidence the Falcons can make a run?

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