Tyson Jackson Works To Fulfill Expectations in 2015


Tyson Jackson signed a 5 year 25 million contract last season and expectations were high going into 2014. As a well-known solidified run-stopper, Jackson looked to impress teammates with his leadership and his play on the field.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t help the defense much. The Falcons’ defense was ranked dead last in yards per game. One of the biggest problems was the lack of a consistent pass rush.

It seems Jackson is attempting to give them some help in that category. He hired a personal chef to aid him in losing weight for more speed and quickness off the line.

"“I just started recently, and constantly, week by week, I want to trim down,” Jackson said. “I got my personal chef at the end of March. I know Matt Ryanused her, and a couple Falcons in the past have used her, too.”“You can do either one of two things: She can purchase the food for you and come to your house and prepare it, or you can purchase the food yourself and she can self-teach how to cook everything,” Jackson said. “She cooks in bulk loads.”“Playing this 4-3 style of defense, there’s no reason to be heavy because you’re not two-gapping no more,” Jackson said. “Everything is ball, key and get-off. So, that’s pretty much the reason for [losing weight].”"

With Vic Beasley and Adrian Clayborn on the roster, the pass rush is sure to improve. But some extra help in the interior will be a ton of help.